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William Adger Moffett

 (Muscial Accompaniment: The Aviators, a March by John Philip Souza, dedicated by Souza to Admr. Moffett)


Captain W J Moffett and enlisted men pose on the steps of building at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center, 1917.

The U.S. Naval Training Center in Great Lakes, Illinois (Naval Station Great Lakes) during World War I. United States Navy Captain W J Moffett, commanding the training station, poses on the steps of the building. Other officers join him. The group including enlisted men poses.


New U.S. Navy recruits arrive at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Chicago, Illinois, 1918.

New recruits for the U.S. Navy line up on a train platform after arriving in Chicago. Sailors in uniform organize the recruits into groups. The next scene shows the recruits, carrying personal belongings, being escorted through the gates of the Great lakes Naval Training Center. Several U.S. Navy officers step from an official staff car and are seen posing in front of a flag pole at the Navy Station. The senior officer is Captain William A. Moffett, USN, Commandant of the center, flanked by a Lieutenant Commander and a Lieutenant, and two other officers in the background. Captain Moffett is later seen observing the new recruits as they are escorted on the base. Next, the recruits are seen carrying white towels as they march to a building where they will be issued personal clothing and uniforms. Later they are seen marching in their new summer uniforms, carrying their original civilian luggage. Under the watchful eyes of the officers, the new sailors use their new mess kits to get food from a chow line. Captain Moffett watches and converses with other officers (not seen). The recruits are next seen, in winter blues, exiting a building carrying their bedding, and presumably headed toward their billets.


Sailors graduating from Basic training demonstrate marching skills at U.S. Naval training Center, 1918.

Graduation Day for a class of recruits at the U.S. Naval Training Center, Chicago, Illinois. Captain William A. Moffett, USN, Commandant of the center is on a reviewing stand with his Lieutenant Commander, assistant. A French military officer and two French officials, are also present. Spectators are crowded around the reviewing stand. The new sailors are seen, from atop the administration building, lined up in formation behind the Center's flag pole from which a large American flag flies. Others are marching in review past the stand, which is now filled with high-ranking naval officers. The spectators around the reviewing stand can also be seen better. In next sequence, a huge Navy brass band marches toward the reviewing stand en masse and then executes to the rear march by columns, all while playing their instruments. They remain in place and play during the rest of the activities. More massed sailors march, followed by several contingents pulling French 75 artillery pieces. Spectators can be seen all around the parade grounds. Beginning as a huge single formation covering more than half the parade ground, sailors start marching in maneuvers that create patterns. Then a square formation of sailors marches along the field, enclosing a moving color guard, like a fortress. Closeup of new sailors marching with shouldered arms.


U.S. Admiral William A Moffett drives the first rivet into the framework of airship ZRS-4 during construction, in Akron, Ohio, November 13, 1929.

U.S. Admiral Moffett drives the first rivet into an airship framework, in Akron, Ohio. U.S. Admiral William Moffett with other senior officers inside a plant. Admiral William A Moffett drives the first rivet into the framework of airship ZRS-4. A large crowd gather outside. The framework in view. Construction material on the ground. The airship in flight into the world's largest hangar. Crowd watch the airship.


Admiral William Adger Moffett and Spectators gathered to watch air race in Washington DC, 1932.

Air race for Curtiss Marine Trophy in Washington DC, United States. Officers inspect planes. Admiral Moffett among the spectators. The officers stand in a group. An aircraft in the background. The door of the aircraft is open. Interior of the plane is seen. Men stand in a group on the field and look towards the sky. The officers stand near a plane. Several men seated in a U.S. Navy aircraft. 


Executive Officer Herbert V. Wiley describes April 4, 1933 crash of U.S. Navy airship Akron